Nashville-area businesses are invited to join Props2 and the Nashville community in this venture. We are seeking community-minded, locally owned businesses that our users can “give props to”! That’s YOU!

Businesses will rate the users’ posts, looking for high quality posts that represent your business positively. A small amount is donated to a Nashville charity or non-profit organization chosen by the user from among a list of participating entities. This incentivizes users to promote your business through the app, increasing the visibility of your business in a positive way, and raises money for local Nashville charities and non-profits. Everyone wins!

If you’re already giving back to the community, this won’t put you over your charitable giving budget. Businesses first establish a do-not-exceed budget for Props2, then rate the posts. The better the post, the more you “tip your hat” to the user and their selected charity.

Check out some of the businesses who are giving back using Props2.

312 Pizza Company
San Antonio Taco Company
Noble's Kitchen and Beer Hall
Zushi Poke
Revelator Coffee
Donut Distillery
Belcourt Taps
Taylor Street Coffee & Tea
Style House Salon
Athens Family Restaurant
Zulema's Taqueria
Birdie's Frozen Drinks