Props2 Walk-Through: A Step-by-step Breakdown


Main Feed

The Main Feed is where you can keep up with all of the friends, businesses and charities you follow on Props2. Here you have the opportunity to give props and comment on posts that the users you follow have made. On this page you have the opportunity to check out what users in your community are are up to.


Community Page

The Community Page is where you can see which businesses in your community are participating on Props2. These are the businesses you are able to tag and potentially receive money from.


Community Businesses

This page shows you all of the participating Props2 businesses in your home community. These are the businesses you are able to tag.


Community Service Organizations

This is the page that displays all of the participating charities in your community. You can select up to 2 charities to donate to.


Hat Tips

Shoot for the stars- and when you want to go the extra mile, shoot for a hat-tip! This page displays all hat-tipped posts, which are our highest rated posts. Hat-tip posts receive the most payout and are recognized by the businesses as top notch posts.


Community Donations

This page displays all of the donations made to charities in your community.



Start a chat with one of your Props2 friends or start a group chat!


Invite Your Friends to Props2

Make sure to invite your friends to join Props2 via text or email. The first 250 people to have 10 friends sign up through their invitation will receive a $10 gift certificate to their favorite Nashville area local business.



The Settings page provides you the option to make changes within your Props2 account. You can change your password, turn push notifications on or off, report a problem or make a suggestion, and review our policies. The settings page is also where you can logout of your profile.


Create Post

This is where the magic happens. Take a picture or video of what you are doing. You can crop and edit it however you like, along with adding a caption and tagging your friends. If the post is about an experience with a participating business make sure to tag that business.



The Notifications Page informs you about new activity concerning your page. You can also see what your followers are up to. The activity feed consists of two parts; the “following” tab and the “you” tab. In the “you” tab of the access feed you are able to keep up with who has propped and commented on your posts and who has recently followed you. In the “following” tab you are able to see what the people you follow are up to, whether it be who they recently started following or other new post interactions.


Profile Page

The Profile Page is where your personal information is displayed. You’re able to see what posts you have been tagged in and posts you’ve tagged a business. You can keep up with your CIS score, the rewards balance in your wallet, and the amount you have donated to your selected charities. You can check to see who follows you and who you follow.


CIS Score

Your CIS reflects your engagement in your home community. The number of people you are connected to within your home community, the average star rating of the posts you have tagged businesses in, the number of props you get on your posts and your level of engagement on the platform all contribute towards the CIS. The higher your CIS, the higher your cash-back reward and your charitable donation will be.


My Wallet

Under the wallet tab, you are able to see how much money you have accumulated. You can also see a break down of each of your posts to see how much money each post has rewarded you. Once you wallet has reached $10, then you are able to withdraw that money out of your Props2 account.


My Donations

My Donations tab gives you your total amount that you have donated to the community. You can also see a break down of how much money you have donated to specific charities.