When Sofia Ehtesham was in first grade, her family lost their home and all of their belongings in a flood. The family was devastated, but they noticed how fast the community came together to help them and others affected by the flood. They were overwhelmed by the support and kindness the Nashville community showed them during their time of need.

Why we made this app

So why create an app for businesses and charity organizations in Nashville? It’s simple—to give back. The Nashville community was incredibly helpful to Sofia’s family, so she wanted to develop a way to help people give back to the Nashville community.

Social media is a way of life and provides connections for people. It can be used to read the news, post pictures with friends, or find a place to shop or eat. There’s always something new. By building a social media platform to connect people, businesses and charities, her hope is that users will become more aware of and engaged in their community—and use their social influence for good!


Listen to Props2 Founder, Sofia Ehtesham discuss all things Props2 on the Wicked Tasty podcast hosted by Dan Burkard.